Product Pipeline

Our platform technologies support a robust pipeline of novel vaccines which have the potential to unlock large market opportunities with significant unmet medical needs.

Immunization with vaccines has eradicated a number of diseases with high death rates, polio and smallpox are no longer the deadly threat they use to be. Vaccines play a crucial role to maintain sustainable health of people across different countries; and continue to be employed in various disease-prevention strategies. Yet the demand for vaccines has increased, especially the past few years, due to increased incidence of  emerging viral and bacterial infectious disease.

Against this backdrop Inventprise scientists have been busy building a portfolio of novel vaccine candidates, for viral and bacterial applications. All candidates address a highly unmet need either from supply shortages or where there are currently no preventative strategies in place for emerging viral and bacterial pathogenic infection, such as SARS-CoV-2.

Many of the pipeline programs leverage our proprietary platform technologies designed to create specific, highly immunogenic, and broad-spectrum vaccines.