Intellectual Property

Biomedical companies invest significant time, capital and resources to develop new vaccines and therapeutics that have the potential to prolong life and prevent diseases affecting people worldwide. Patents are especially important to Inventprise because of our innovative approaches to vaccine development. We have developed a robust patent portfolio to support and protect our discoveries. Below are a few highlights of recent patents.

  • Systems and Methods for Virus Propagation in Cell Cultures for Vaccine Manufacture.
  • Adjuvant Formulations and Methods
  • Systems and Methods for Inactivating Viruses in Vaccines by Treatment with Carbohydrates and Radiation.
  • Double Chamber Device for Point of Use Mixing.
  • Methods Utilizing Soluble Microneedle Arrays for the Effective and Efficient Administration of Vaccines.
  • Synthetic Peptides as Carriers for Conjugation with Polysaccharides.
  • Genetically Detoxified Pertussis Vaccine that Maintains Intrinsic Adjuvant Activity.
  • VLP Stabilized Vaccine Compositions.
  • Bordetella Pertussis Immunogenic Vaccine Compositions.
  • Multivalent VLP Conjugates
  • VLP-VLP Conjugates as HPV Vaccines.
  • Heat Stable Liquid Rotavirus Vaccine.
  • Multivalent Conjugate Vaccines with Bivalent or Multivalent Polysaccharides that Provide Improved Immunogenicity and Avidity.
  • Polysaccharides Purification for Vaccine Production using Lytic Enzymes, Tangential Flow Filtration and Multimode Chromatography.