Key Platform Technologies

Inventprise has developed various IP technologies to add value at different stages of the vaccine manufacturing process. Our advanced purification and conjugation technology produces high potency polysaccharide vaccines. Our heat-stable technology reduces cold storage and distribution costs of viral vaccines. All of our platform technologies are under patent protection and we are open to licensing them to third parties.

Conjugation Technology

We have created a platform polysaccharide conjugation technology which gives high potency and yield.

Heat Stable Viral Vaccine

Our proprietary process allows the production of low volume (0.5mL or less), thermostable, oral viral vaccines.

Bio-process Automation

Inventpriseā€™s bio-process integrator is a unique automation platform that solves key problems currently facing all vaccine manufacturers. Our bio-process integrator platform is capable of processing various products, and our software not only automates the bio processes with no manual steps, it also feeds data into our batch record system to ensure full traceability and elimination of human error.