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We develop vaccines that protect against global endemic and emerging infectious disease

Our mission is to address health inequalities and empower people to live healthy lives by inventing novel and affordable vaccines

The next generation of vaccines - powered by Inventprise technology

The unprecedented scale and dissemination of emerging infectious diseases pose new challenges for global public health. Infections such as invasive pneumococcal disease, SARs-Cov-2, meningococcal meningitis and other pathogens are devastating for those not protected by vaccines. Outbreaks often turn into crises due to lack of available, affordable, resource-appropriate vaccines. Many of the vaccines that are available are unable to meet specific cost and infrastructure requirements, especially in low and middle-income countries. Vaccine manufacturing and distribution is complex, costly and challenging. Yet, the ultimate success of efforts to bring the current and any future emerging infectious disease global pandemics to a close will depend on access to vaccines and vaccination in low- and middle-income countries. 

Our focus is on science

We leverage the best of vaccine technology, science and manufacturing to prevent devastating infectious disease.

Together with our community of collaborators Inventprise engages in cutting-edge research bringing incisive scientific insights and novel products to global populations in need of important, life saving vaccines. The strength of our science is honed from years of researching and developing many types of vaccines. Our efforts have led to over fifty patents, many on proprietary approaches and methods in the development of affordable, highly immunogenic vaccines. With multiple partners and collaborations, and a large portfolio of vaccine candidates, our aim is to remain true to our science, continue to innovate and deliver life saving vaccines to those populations in most of need.