Inventprise’s proprietary scalable Conjugation Technology Platform is based on the bi-functional PEG linker, Hydrazide-PEG-Hydrazide, designed to create highly immunogenic, and broad-spectrum conjugate vaccines

The linker-based conjugates elicit significantly higher IgG and functional OPA titers (immunogenicity) compared to the same PS-conjugate without the linker.

Increased availability of antigenic PS epitopes of the carrier protein reduces the carrier’s immunogenicity. which in turn prevent suppression of the immune response to the PS epitopes (“carrier suppression”).

Positive safety profile of PEG-linker based conjugates are established.

Carrier Protein Preparation

The purified carrier protein is derivatized using a proprietary process. We first activate the carrier protein followed by bi-functional (e.g. Hz-PEG-Hz) attachment to the activated carrier protein.

*PEG is a water-soluble, nontoxic, non-antigenic, biocompatible polymer that has been approved by the FDA for human intravenous, oral, and dermal applications.


The purified size-reduced polysaccharide is activated using CDAP*. The activated polysaccharide is further conjugated with the pegylated Carrier protein to obtain final conjugate vaccine. A suitable buffer is added to maximize Conjugates stability during storage.

*CDAP – 1-cyano-4-dimethylaminopyridinium tetrafluoroborate

Heat-Stable Formulation

In many instances, the lack of a cold chain for transport and storage affects the vaccine’s efficacy due to degradation of active material. Increasing the dose volume to address the degradation of active material is undesirable for a pediatric vaccine.

Inventprise’s heat-stable technology has been applied to the development of an innovative thermostable low-volume oral rotavirus vaccine formulation that does not require refrigeration, is more stable, easier to administer and transport.

Rotavirus is the leading cause of severe gastroenteritis among young children and is responsible for approximately 37% of deaths from diarrhea among children younger than five worldwide.